Friday, June 23, 2017

Artist Inspires Little Haiti Youth & Breathes Life in Hip Hop Album Art

Artist Inspires Little Haiti Youth & Breathes Life in Hip Hop AlbumArt

JaFleu Visits "Achieve Miami"

The students of Jesse J Mcrcray Elementary who attended the "Achieve Miami" Art Program this summer received a special visit from Jason "JaFleu" Fleurant. As the guest speaker, JaFleu spoke to students about the life of an artist, pursuing dreams and more.

Showcasing original artwork and answers questions from the young very engaging youth. After  having delightful and surprising thought provoking Q&A,
JaFleu began to surprise the children and staff when after having everyone came up with a name for a particular painting he had brought, he revealed that the painting was being donated to the school.

In another interesting plot twist... It turns out on the same exact day of June 22, JaFleu had done his very first of many guest speaking opportunities when he spoke to the youth of Palm Beach State College's summer youth program.

JaFleu creates Haitian Fresh's Upcoming Album Cover

After being commissioned to create an portrait in his own style of Recording Artist Haitian Fresh. JaFleu set out to put his soul into it. The end result...

The Label and Haitian Fresh himself agreeing to turn it into the cover artwork for his Upcoming Album.

New Solo Exhibit "Our BeautiFLEU Lives"

JaFleu's next solo exhibition #OurBeautiFLEULives opening reception is July 20th at Harold's Coffee Lounge.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

All Eyez Focus on the Art of FLEU

All Eyez Focus on the Art of FLEU

On June 17th, Haitian-American Visual Artist JaFleu The Artist had his 7th solo art exhibition "All Eyez On FLEU" on the 3rd floor of the 1310 Gallery. An Exhibit that was a combination of past works on loan from collectors and brand new creations.

The vibrant hues combined with fantastic detailing and subjects of JaFleu's  works drew art lovers in like moths to the flames.

"I had some of the most interesting conversations with people about their observations of my art. One of the constant things I heard, particularly from other black people is how happy and impactful it is to not only see that this art is focused on us but created by someone they can identify with."

"I watched this woman for what was like 10mins studying my painting. It was fascinating seeing someone get lost
like that. She walked up on it, stared at it, took a pic, attempted to walk away but was drawn back to viewing it. I meant to pick her brain but got caught up so much that I never got to introduce myself. "

Conversations about his constant depiction of the strength in women, fatherhood, as well as conversations of the struggle with police brutality and gang violence. The exhibition was JaFleu's soapbox and the brilliant colors screamed his thoughts to the world.

"I've dreamt of moments of like last night ever since I picked up a paint brush. It was such an honor to be
blessed by so many supportive wonderful people. To be able to see the things you dedicate hours on hours, days and a social life to create be appreciated and touch people is a blessing. We took Chillingworth to the Gallery walls! To of been able to sell multiple pieces and raise some funds for Girls Call The Shots in the process was/is a blessing. To get to overhear the thoughts of friends and strangers alike honestly speak amongst themselves of my work is a blessing. We hung this exhibit on May 28, Haitian Mother's Day and not only did we get to put on for Juneteenth with an
exhibition of black art celebrating black life, but today is also Father's Day. So in the span of the exhibit I was able to honor both my Mother & my Father (Rest in Power). Thank you Neri Street for the opportunity. I thank you all for coming out.

That Nigga with the Paintbrush
- JaFleu

View More Photos Here

 The exhibition was an success. With multiple sales being able to be donated to the organization "Girls Call The Shots"

#AllEyezonFLEU" will be running until July 7th.

New Solo Exhibit "Our BeautiFLEU Lives"

JaFleu's next solo exhibition #OurBeautiFLEULives opening reception is July 20th at Harold's Coffee Lounge.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Eyez Open to Haitian-American Artist's Passion This Saturday!

Eyez Open to Haitian-American Artist's Passion This Saturday!

With a week left before the opening reception of #AllEyezOnFleu Visualist, Lue (Fleu MGMT) and artist JaFleu took one last visit to the 1310 Gallery to go over the exhibition.

JaFleu's solo exhibition "All Eyez On FLEU" opening reception is Saturday, June 17. The exhibition of 35 pieces of artwork by the Haitian-American visual artist.

10 retrospective pieces spanning from 2012-2015 on loan from various collectors of JaFleu's work and 25 brand new works from his "Colored Folkz" & "Iconic Fleu" series. 

"I'm just looking forward to seeing the reactions of the people when they see the work in person." Said the JaFleu, who is currently within his 7th year of his art career. Photographer and fellow artist Jamaal "Visualist" Clark alluded to the styling of JaFleu's "Colored Folkz" painting reminding him of skittles in the way the colors made the works look almost edible.  

"Last year, we held the closing reception for "All The Way Up", an exhibition where through Exhibit Treal I curated all three floors. It was on my father's birthday may he rest in peace. So standing here today, the day before his birthday and anniversary or the closing I got chills. I'm just excited and anxious and hope those that come can truly feel my passion."

"I view my solo exhibition's as albums. I even lay the work out in that way. In my head art and music are very similar. To me this is like a double album. Or maybe a triple. An album of which I worked all the way to the 'deadline' creating, removing, adding and rearranging tracks. On one disc you've got older tracks, the Retrospective which showcases my past and disc two you've got this brand new body of work. I feel like this is a classic."

"I create all of these new paintings in the park of the neighborhood I grew up in, so that energy is there. To me I was able to take Chillingworth to gallery. And that means something treal to me."

20% of sales of JaFleu's new works will be donated to the non-profit Be Your Own Answer's "Girls Call The Shots" program.

Girls Call The Shots equips teen girls to be leaders in film and media by immersing them in the production process of a film.

 All Eyez on Fleu Opening Reception Saturday June 17.
On the 3rd Floor of the 1310 Gallery
1310 SW 2nd CT, Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33312

And in case you miss the opening, make sure you're there July 2nd for the screening of the documentary "Liberty in a Soup"

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Behind The Art: She Bee Dancin / Set Love Free

She Bee Dancin' | 16x20 | Acrylic on Canvas

 She Bee Dancin'

To know me is to know I have a deep love for dancers. Maybe it's because of being born with two-left feet, but I admire the ability to tell stories with their movement. So I wanted to create another treal piece using a dancer as the subject. Thus we have "She Bee Dancn'"

"She Bee Dancin'" is about accepting your freedom in your gift and using it to draw the world's attention. The dancer in this painting is an tribute to the Orisha, Oshun. You can notice little things I've done in it honoring her.

I think we often times sleep on how powerful our gifts are. Which leads us to often times forget that if we truly love it and proceed to do with rather we're gain financial wins or not from it, The Universe will take care of the rest. We only believe in ourselves and remember to live in the piece and freedom in our talents.

That unlocks new levels. But that's just my thoughts.

Set Love Free | 10x20 | Acrylic on Canvas

"Set Love Free"

I'm sure we've all heard the saying "If you love something, you have to set it free. And if it comes back, then it's meant to be." or some variation of that. With this piece I wanted to put the feeling on canvas. I wanted the painting to touch the conflict of Love not really sure it wants to leave and you try to let it go off into the world.


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Don't forget "All Eyez on FLEU"
My solo art exhibit is happening 06.17 at the 1310 Gallery in Ft Lauderdale, Fl.

During the run on the exhibit, on July 2nd there will be a screening of the documentary "Liberty in a Soul" more details on that very soon.  RSVP at

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Behind the Art: Can We Get Much Higher

Behind​ the Art: "Can We Get Much Higher" 

The other night I found myself revisiting the Kanye West album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". This is easily not only one of my favorite Kanye albums but favorite albums period. The intro song "Dark Fantasy" the chorus askes "Can we get much higher?"

One of the reasons I love this album is because of the relationship Kanye has with the Phoenix. The Phoenix representing love, inspiration, art and so forth.

With this piece I wanted to touched on the idea of someone being lifted high from those things, literally in the clouds and just wonder to himself, can we get much higher than where we are?

I also used this piece to pay tribute to The Orisha, Oshun. Using the colors more associated with her on her side and give her skirt a color pattern similar to a bee.

 I also used different shades of brown on her skin to promote the beauty and power of being black.

Can We Get Much Higher
24in x 30in | Acrylic on Canvas
For purchase inquiries:
Lue at 

Don't forget "All Eyez on FLEU"
My solo art exhibit is happening 06.17 at the 1310 Gallery in Ft Lauderdale, Fl.

Over 30 pieces!!!

During the run on the exhibit, on July 2nd there will be a screening of the documentary "Liberty in a Soul" more details on that very soon.  RSVP at