Monday, March 20, 2017

JaFleu on BECON TV's "The New Haitian Generation"

To whom it may concern... last week I got an opportunity that I was eternally grateful for. I was able to do a sit-down interview with BECON TV'S "The New Haitian Generation".

The New Haitian Generation has been on television for 20+ years. Focusing episode after episode on highlighting Haitian-American's making big waves in the community. Over the years in my youth I've sporadically caught episodes and would think to myself it be cool to be relevant enough to be featured on there. Watching athletes, entertainers and much more shared their stories and gifts inspiring the future.

So you can only imagine what was going on in my mind when the official invite came through my email. Thanks to my brother author, poet and much more Yanatha Desourve who was also just featured on there telling them about me.

Hats & Facemask/Headband Courtesy of ZOE MFG

Fast forward a few emails and a dope Haitian Art exhibition that I curated, here we are sitting the headquarters of Zoe MFG. An up and coming Haitian clothing apparel company that allowed for us to shoot the interview in their venue. Special thank you to Rennette Fortune for working so hard behind the scenes to make it all happen.

Zoe MFG took it to a whole other level by hooking myself up with some of their treal products.

James R Donohue, the host/interviewer was amazing and made me feel comfortable with the big ass camera and super bright lights. Even being given an email days in advance with all the questions I still wasn't prepared. Especially for "plot twist" questions that weren't part of it.

Things felt so surreal when the lights got dim and all I could see pass the lights and camera was shadows. The nerves were crazy, trying not to stumble over words or come off crazy. First impressions are everything right?

With my painting "The Birth of Treal" behind me...  I spoke about art, my role in it, curating, my career til this point, growing up Haitian, poetry even being asked to perform on the spot. There was a moment where my emotions got the best of me when the conversation got to about my parents and I spoke on my father (RIP Papi) who passed Aug 2013.  By the end of the whole experience (which went into just over a hour) I was feeling more comfortable, All though I kept messing up the promo lines, it took me over 20x to say two lines... yikes.

Being able to be apart of this program meant a lot to myself, as an artist but mostly as a person. A person who has dedicated the years since 2010 to pursuing the Art Life but always representing for my fellow Haitians. The episode doesn't air till May, just in time for Haitian Heritage Month which to me is perfect!

What's Next?
Catch me performing at MIAMI LIVE Next Monday hosted by DJ Smokey

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Miami Live Performance, Muses + Bruises Interview & More

Performing at Miami Live

As an artist, the goal is to always give all of you when given the opportunity to present the world your gifts. Last night I got to follow through on that once again. As one of the performers at Miami Live Open Mic, hosted by 1035 The Beat's very own DJ Epps.

One thing about performing is you can't just stay in your hometown. You've got to expand and make the people aware of who you are. And so Visualist and myself set out to do so. Taking the ride down to Miami for me to touch the stage and hopefully leave an impact. The venue it's self was fire and as we chilled, waiting for the to start the nerves began to flood.

On the outside I'm trying hard not to show it but inside I was going crazy. I'm looking around and I'm feeling completely out of my element. Considering the room was filled with Trap/Swag rappers and singers and here I am the one poet. The poet whose content I wasn't even 100 % sure would connect. I even considered leaving... all this in my head of course.

But as performer after performer goes... I think to myself "Nah fam, you here. We came from West Palm Beach... you got to at least get up there". And then the time comes... I make my way to the DJ Epps' booth as he begins to introduce me. Here I am now, standing on the stage, looking at the crowd waiting on what this big dude bout to do....

To break the tension sorta speak I rely on that tried and true call and response.... "Sap Pase?!!!"

The crowd responds as expected, I mean we are in Miami and I'm wearing a big thing round my neck with the image of the Haitian Flag... I start my piece holding the mic and not liking the feedback from it and holding it I decided to do something that later everyone I spoke to or overheard mentioned as being the moment that caught everyone's attention....  I put the mic down.

I put the mic on the stage and proceed to go for mines as I have countless of times rehearsed. I proceed to use my voice to snatch the ears... and what was most crazy for me was realizing... people came to the stage. Suddenly I'm seeing everyone crowded around the stage, listening... reacting to my words... my voice. No music... no mic... no dances or hooks just my words and passion. And it connected in a major way with the people through out the night. An honor and a blessing. A lot of dope connects and conversations were had. I couldn't begin to express how dope it was.


Muses + Bruises Podcast Interview

Back in February, I sat down with my good personal friend Jenn La Reine for a great conversation on her podcast "Muses + Bruises". Check out Episode 15, where we talk art, the journey and much more.  I had a great time and was honored to be one of her guest!


What's Next?

Well.... so I'll be on an upcoming episode of BeconTV's "The New Haitian Generation" which spotlights Haitian-Americans in sports, entertainment etc. They'll be shooting during The Blueprint Gallery x Exhibit Treal "Haitian Heritage" Art Exhibit  I curated for The Milagro Center. I'll also will be performing there.. and look forward to the interview. Stay tuned for that!  I remember watching NHG a few times as a kid thinking how cool it would be to be on there one day and now here we are!.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Black History Month Fleu: Poetry x Art Curating

JaFleu the Artist performing at Black History Month Event

It was an honor and a blessing to perform at "Past, Present & Future: The Arts" Black History Month Celebration presented by Circuit 15 Staff. The applauses and encores filled my heart. This certificate of recognition blessed my soul. I was presented as "The Future".

The celebration of Black Arts was amazing. I was nervous but once I got going it was on. I was even more so honored to be given a certificate of recognition of my poetry & artwork. Something that as kid never got awards at school that meant a lot to me.

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival
With Common Ground's Maeva as Tracy Guiteau creates her masterpiece. 

The next two days were spent at the LWSPF where I had curated artists to take part in out Exhibit Treal debut. You can read about that here

Exhibit Treal "Black Gold" Art Exhibit Ending

Friday, March 3rd of the end of the Exhibit Treal Black History Month art exhibition I curated in collaboration with Artists Showcase of the Palm Beaches at Lake Park Public Libray

What's next? 

I'll be performing at Miami Live Open Mic Tuesday, March 7th.

And then Friday, March 10th, is the opening of the latest Exhibit Treal that I've curated. This time in partnership with The Milargo Center's The Blueprint Gallery. We'll be presenting an Haitian Heritage Exhibit. 
Be sure to RSVP

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Breathing Life Back To My Collector's Work

One of my collector's back in 2013 brought a painting I had done in the back of Harold's. Back then, not knowing much about art I used oil paints. She had it mounted proudly in front of her home. Fast forward some years later, she contacted me because it began to fade. So today I was able to give it a new life.


Also here's just a quick video of myself rehearsing my "Dear America" piece.

"Young, Gifted & Black" (Live Performance Audio) : Link

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where The Fleu Been? The Catch-Up Blog

I've been low-key dreading trying to make a new blog post t update what's been going on. It's been over a year since I've last done so, never mind all that's happened. So what I'm going to do is assume you may be slightly aware of everything, give the cliff notes and then we can proceed with new posts and more.

1st thing, to those that have been rocking with me since I started this blog back in I think 2008/09 Blessings to you!

2015 ended kind of whack when you considered all the build up. As you may recall I was supposed to go link with Gallery38 in LA. That fell apart long story short. So what have I been doing?

I opted to focus a lot of my energy in 2016 to Exhibit Treal. Exhibit Treal is this project where I curate art exhibitions providing opportunities for other black & minorities artists all the while giving back to the community. If you've been following me slightly, I'm certain you're aware of that. I couldn't be more proud of all that's become. You can follow more about it on the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter & Blog.

Now as for myself.... I mean that is what this particular blog is for right? Really my 2016 got really amped up in the later half. It was at that point after reading The Alchemist the Universe was like "Ok, it's your go".

Again this is super cliff notes and I'm going to forget a lot so let's just skip to the bottom half....

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series:
I got to be one the artists selected in the South Florida's RushArts x Bombay Sapphire Artisan series.

Art Basel:
Myself & Visualist had less than two weeks after being contacted by Keep Living Co to be part of an exhibition where we had to create portraits of Celebs living with or passed from diseases.

Solo Exhibit:
To end the year I had a solo exhibition at DezignNation x ArtHauseMedia's 'Free Art Vibes' at it was crazy.

Now ArtPalmBeach is like our Art Basel and for years I've walked in that place dreaming that one day I could have art in this fair. And this year thanks to Street Art Revoluton, I was one of the featured artists to take part of their "Back to Black" project. Paying homage to Keith Haring's subway chalk art series. To use Dj Khaled logic "They didn't want you to have art in ArtPalmBeach so you made art in ArtPalmBeach!". That moment meant so much to me.

Meeting Idols:
I've had the most crazy run possible of meeting, hanging and giving my artwork to some people I truly admire.

In November, while on the campaign trail for Hilary Clinton my mentor Paul Fisher found out US Senator Cory Booker was in town. And I was blessed to chop it up with him as well as present him a painting and the only copy of a proof of a art book I was releasing. He's reaction was truly humbling. The on 11/11 I got the chance to meet Ms. Jill Scott backstage at the Words & Sounds concert, and I swear she is every bit of GOLDEN that you can imagine and then some.

Not to long after I got the ultimate blessing of meeting Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. And man, this man I've been reading and watching since I was 19 and he was beyond incredible. Words do not even begin to describe. And just
when you thought it was over.... I got to pop up at Drink Champs podcast and not only present Noreaga & DJ EFN art but also have a possible life changing moment when I got to meet their guest for that episode Mr. No Commission Art Fair himself Swizz Beatz!.

Now what else is going on? Well early 2016 I started performing poetry again. But there was a new energy in me with it which lead to some features, performances in places I couldn't fathom and now my working on a spoken word album called "WUT IF: Written Under The InFLEUence".

You can check out a video (1.8k views on FB) shot by Maverick Media & Branding of myself performing "Young, Gifted & Black".

Audio of the performance:

I'm booked to be a feature performer at an up-coming Black History Month event on Feb 25th.

So like I said, this is really a short cliff note of what's going on so I can get back to making current posts following my career as an artist.

For Booking or Art Inquires:

Bless Up!